1.     What type of training do SUMC’s teachers have?

Our teachers have either a 4 year elementary education teaching degree, a 4 year early childhood ed. degree, a 2 year early childhood degree, a Child Development Certificate (CDA) or are Board Certified by the Dept. of Human Services.

 2.     What is the average length of service of SUMC staff?

Annually we employ 2-3 new staff members due to moves or the teacher leaving to return to the public schools. Average length of service is 11 years; several of our staff members have been here for 20 years. We employ nearly 20 staff members.

 3.     What is SUMC’s greatest strength?

It is Our Staff!  They work well together, love children, have excellent training and enjoy working here.

4.     What are the age requirements?

We try to be as flexible as possible to place children where they will profit best developmentally.

Often morning class age limits are more firm than those for afternoon classes.

We do make age exceptions, but only after we have enrolled your child in a class appropriate for the year’s current age. Exceptions are only made by the Director with the Teacher Recommendation, after observation in a current placement.

Children entering K and School Age 5’s Must be 5 by Sept. 30 of the enrolling year.

 5.     How is tuition payable?

SUMC’s tuitions are based on an annual tuition figure. Most families pay monthly using the reusable tuition envelope attached to the monthly school newsletter.  You may wish to pay for the entire year or by semester.  There is no discount for doing this.

Payment is accepted by cash or check.

6.     How can parents get involved?

Various times during the school year, there will be opportunities for parents to participate.

 7.     May we visit in the classroom?

For the safety of our currently enrolled children, please call the office to make an appointment if you wish to visit and see the entire school.  Visitors must check in with the office.

 Enrolled families after the first month may check with the child’s teacher to plan your visit.

8.     What is the Christian content of the program?

The school-wide spiritual goal is to be a first presentation to each child of God as creator of our world with emphasis on each child’s self-esteem as receptor of this great gift.  Each age level presents the Christmas story and Easter holidays based on developmentally appropriate comprehension levels for the age.

9.     How is security handled at SUMC Preschool and Kindergarten?

All entries are video tape monitored, as well as live video to monitor.  Circle entry doors are locked except when children are entering.  A lock down drill is conducted annually with oversight by the Sharonville Police.  No child is dismissed to someone for whom parents have not given written permission.

Further Questions?  Please call the school office at: (513) 563-8278 between 9am-3pm daily or leave a message on our answering machine and we will return your call as soon as possible!