Classroom News

Classroom Newsletters

Class newsletters for each classroom grouping are included here.  If you have misplaced yours, this is the place to look.  Also, if you have caregivers, multiple drivers, separate addresses for mom and dad, this is place to find the information that will save time and frustration.  We welcome you to use this section of our website to see what is going on in classes of children with whom you carpool as well.
2 Year Old and Young 3’s
Mrs. Howell (M, W)
Mrs. Ream (T, Th)
3 Year Old
Mrs. Kinnaman (M, W, F)
Mrs. Lantry
(T, W, Th)
Mrs. Kinnaman (T, Th)
4 Year Old
Mrs. Ream (M, W, F)
Mrs. Koch(T, W, Th)
Mrs. Francis (M, T, W, Th)
 Mrs. Ream (PM)
School-Age 5’s
Mrs. Martell (M, T, W, Th)